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Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Courtney Deveraux
    Courtney Deveraux Salon Manager
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    Courtney Deveraux Salon Manager

    Beyond being precise and precious, LunchboxWax Park City waxologist Courtney Deveraux has a lot of other wonderful attributes. Here are three! 1) She has a big vocabulary and isn’t afraid to use it! 2) She’s wet-your-pants funny. 3) She’s a sucker for a good piña colada (but doesn’t get lost in the rain or any weather). Book with Courtney today!


  • Teresa Hatter Franchise Owner
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    Teresa Hatter Franchise Owner

    Our stylish mama bear is just as protective of our Tribe as she is of our beloved LunchboxWax brand. She is 100% dedicated to ensuring that every guest experience is top notch. When she isn't traveling between salons, you can normally find her in Women's Shoes at Nordstrom.

  • Austin Waxologist
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    Austin Waxologist
  • Ivonne Whimpey Waxologist
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    Ivonne Whimpey Waxologist

    This raven haired beauty is all about the love. Love of the outdoors, love of her family and love of making her guests smile. She has a "no hair left behind" policy so those strays don't stand a chance. She reenergizes by running trails or steaming up the hot yoga studio.

  • Jessica Tanner Waxologist
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    Jessica Tanner Waxologist

    When this gypsy gem isn’t smoothing skin at our Park City salon, you just may find her on a mountain during a full moon, singing a Prince song. When she doesn’t have a wax stick in her hand, it’s probably because she’s cuddled up with a book from her list of 40 must-reads that she promises to tackle. The easiest way to find Jessica? Just perk your ears up and listen for her lovely (and loud!) laugh. Book your appointment with Jessica today.

  • Kennady Black Waxologist
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    Kennady Black Waxologist

    This little beauty is way into yoga and living a very healthy lifestyle. She loves spending time outdoors in the rain or shine. The salon is her happy place where she loves being able to brighten someone’s day and make them feel beautiful and confident about themselves while giving a world class wax. Customer interaction fuels her tank as she feels blessed that she gets to laugh and enjoy her guest interactions daily. Her quirky, caring and outgoing personality make her so unique.

  • Rikee Romrell Waxologist
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    Rikee Romrell Waxologist

    Rikee is a Spiritual gangster,with a love for crystals, plants and animals. She considers her dog her bestie, and loves working here at LunchboxWax! Rikee especially enjoys sharing her secrets for perfectly shaped brows and providing the smoothest, most painless Brazilians possible.

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