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Passionate pros.

Meet Our Pearl District Team

Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Rachel Franz
    Rachel Franz Salon Director
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    Rachel Franz Salon Director

    Rachel has been involved in the beauty industry for a number of years, since she discovered her passion in North Carolina. After moving to the West Coast 3 years ago, she loves all things skincare and all things Portland. Her favorite waxing service to provide is eyebrows, and loves to offer the gift of confidence to her guests. When Rachel’s not working you’ll find her cooking, reading, taking road trips, petting every dog she sees, and soaking in all the performance art that Portland has to offer.

  • Kiana Doe
    Kiana Doe Salon Manager
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    Kiana Doe Salon Manager

    Kiana is a very outgoing and humorous gal, she loves to sing and have a great time! When she is not at work, she likes to play around with makeup and do photo shoots- she’s a bit of a makeup connoisseur. Kiana also loves to explore Portland’s music scene and enjoys going to shows with her best friend. Her favorite waxing services are Brazilians and brows!


  • Abigail Hammons Waxologist
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    Abigail Hammons Waxologist

    Abigail is a cat-loving Portland native with no plans on leaving the city of roses. While not working at LunchboxWax she can be found either at home watching horror films, hiking in Forest Park, or taking a nap! Abigail is happily continuing her life’s journey here, and is grateful to have a supportive team who all enjoy a good laugh!

  • Adrienne Waxologist
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    Adrienne Waxologist
  • Ali Waxologist
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    Ali Waxologist

    Ali is a Portland native, that lives here with: Her husband, three rescue pups, and two chickens! She loves a good true crime podcast or "who-done-it" mystery. She loves board games, and celebrations! Birthdays, baby showers, holidays, nation dog day, you name it. Beauty has been her passion for as long as she can remember. After working in media, design & marketing for nearly a decade, she finally changed career paths to align with her passion for the beauty industry. Her favorite wax service to do? nostrils, underarms, backs...she can't decide- she loves them all!

  • Amanda Miller Waxologist
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    Amanda Miller Waxologist

    Amanda is a fun and passionate cosmetologist. Her favorite waxing service is the quick and painless nose wax! Outside of work, you can find her enjoying live music, jogging, or snuggling with her big kitty cat.

  • Ashley Tuggle Waxologist
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    Ashley Tuggle Waxologist

    Ashley is a funny and unique girl from Texas, who loves yoga and food! When she is not at work she is out exploring Portland's fun nightlife with friends. Ashley also enjoys traveling, nature, and all dogs! Her favorite services to perform are brazilians and underarms.

  • Veronica Oh Waxologist
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    Veronica Oh Waxologist

    Veronica is an artistic soul with a passion for skincare and makeup. Outside of work, she can be found drawing, singing, reading and taking long walks with her cat. She loves helping her guests feel like their best selves, and will show your brows the love they deserve. Need a chest wax? They’re one of Veronica’s favorite services!

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