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Passionate pros.

Meet Our South Jordan Team

Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Teresa Hatter
    Teresa Hatter Franchise Owner & Salon Director
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    Teresa Hatter Franchise Owner & Salon Director

    Our stylish mama bear is just as protective of our Tribe as she is of our beloved LunchboxWax brand. She is 100% dedicated to ensuring that every guest experience is top notch. When she isn’t traveling between salons, you can normally find her in Women’s Shoes at Nordstrom.

  • Chelsea Smith
    Chelsea Smith Salon Manager
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    Chelsea Smith Salon Manager

    With a smile that lights up a room and a bundle of great waxing experience, Chelsea is a guest favorite! Stop in and see Chelsea the next time you’re in Utah.


  • Anndee Argyle Waxologist
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    Anndee Argyle Waxologist

    You can’t go wrong booking an appointment with this superstar. Not only will she leave you hair free, she will do it with a smile while telling a funny story. She loves snowboarding, the mountains and her LunchboxWax guests.

  • Austin Waxologist
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    Austin Waxologist

    Meet Austin. She is quick-witted, big-hearted and the speediest Brazilian waxer in the West. This fitness fanatic is always on the move — you can catch her in a Pilates class, or try catching her on the trails. Austin also loves to let her adorable pup, Bruce, take her for walks.

  • Bailey Waxologist
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    Bailey Waxologist

    Bailey is all about the before and after. She loves to take a good (or not-so-good) set of brows and transform them by personalizing the eyebrow shape to each guest’s unique face and characteristics. Bailey loves all things, makeup, skin, and shopping of course! (All the things that give a girl a little swagger in her step.) Bailey’s idea of a perfect night includes a movie and a milkshake.

  • Emily McKeon Waxologist
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    Emily McKeon Waxologist

    This California girl is our own personal ray of sunshine. Her energy is contagious and you will have an instant BFF. Her waxing skills are top notch, so if smooth is what you are looking for, Em is your girl!

  • Hailey Waxologist
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    Hailey Waxologist

    Hailey has never met a pair of brows that she couldn’t tame. She treats every service like a work of art, starting with blank canvas and finishing with a perfectly framed face. Hailey loves to play piano, hang with her dogs and go hiking. A word to the wise...never leave your sweet potato fries unattended around Hailey, they don’t stand a chance.

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