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Meet our Sugar House Team

Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Teresa Hatter
    Teresa Hatter Franchise Owner & Salon Director
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    Teresa Hatter Franchise Owner & Salon Director

    Our stylish mama bear is just as protective of our Tribe as she is of our beloved LunchboxWax brand. She is 100% dedicated to ensuring that every guest experience is top notch. When she isn’t traveling between salons, you can normally find her in Women’s Shoes at Nordstrom.

  • Karlie Haslem
    Karlie Haslem Salon Manager
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    Karlie Haslem Salon Manager

    Karlie is nothing short of sunshine, after years of teaching esthetics she started to get the itch to get back into the wax room and has easily become a shining star in our LunchboxWax tribe. If she is not playing outside with her fur-children, she is sharing her contagious laugh with her guests and co-workers.


  • Angela Reynolds Waxologist
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    Angela Reynolds Waxologist

    Watch out, Salt Lake City! This waxologist is on fire. Body waxing for the better part of a decade is not all this stunner has been doing. When she isn’t making our guests smooth, you can find her courtside cheering on her boys at a game or working on her golf game with her husband. This one has all the skills to leave you smooth without you feeling much but a belly ache from laughing so hard from her great sense of humor.

  • Cortney Rasmussen Waxologist
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    Cortney Rasmussen Waxologist

    This motorcycle riding daredevil is calm, cool and collected. Cortney takes meticulous care of her guests and has a very loyal following because of it. She will calm your nerves while removing every last hair.

  • Evie Kuehn Waxologist
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    Evie Kuehn Waxologist

    Need someone to calm your nerves? Evie is your girl. This sweet natured, masterfully skilled waxologist will leave your skin smooth as silk. When she isn’t in the salon you can find this Utah native outdoors, scaling tall mountains in a single bound.

  • Katy Adams Waxologist
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    Katy Adams Waxologist

    Are you new to Brazilians? If so, Katy is your girl. She loves to pamper brand new guests and calm their nerves. Katy loves her dog, Mimi, camping, hiking and mining for gemstones.

  • Kayla Klein Waxologist
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    Kayla Klein Waxologist

    Our little free spirited, nature-loving Kayla is as upbeat and positive as they come. She truly loves caring for her guests and giving them smooth results. She’s super-fast, super-sweet and super-talented.

  • Kennady Waxologist
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    Kennady Waxologist

    This gorgeous girl has a heart of gold. If there was a PhD for eyebrow skills this girl would have one, plus she is kind and funny, too! When she isn’t taming stray hairs you can find Kennady in downward dog, shopping for a hip new outfit (she is oh-so-stylish) or playing with her adorable baby girl, Stevie.

  • Raini Butters Waxologist
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    Raini Butters Waxologist

    Our resident fairy loves all things Disney and dress up. When it comes to waxing, however, Raini couldn’t be more serious. Her waxing skills are top notch, and there is just something magical about this girl.

  • Selena Rubio Waxologist
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    Selena Rubio Waxologist

    Beauty...check. Brains...check. Mad waxing skills...check. Selena has them all. Whether you are looking for perfect brows or a flawless Brazilian Selena’s got you covered.

  • Tayla Waxologist
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    Tayla Waxologist

    If you are looking for a go-to Waxologist you can stop right here. This dog loving (she has 3!) super sweet, instant bestie kind of girl will take the best care of you. She is a stickler for smooth free skin and calm nerves. Oh, and did we mention she loves dogs?

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