Happy Smooth Year!

There’s something intrinsically hopeful about New Year’s resolutions. Even if they never come to fruition (don’t beat yourself up if they don’t), just the thought of millions of people focusing on making improvements in the year ahead feels good. It's a positive rally of wills, and it's awesome.

Among the resolutions that are popular each year, spending less seems to rank high on the list. Converse to the “less” theme is another that allows someone to spend more time on improving themselves. Well, LunchboxWax has an idea: At LunchboxWax, you tackle both at once.

Simply buy five of the same service, and you’ll get the sixth free. Every time. That’s savings, simplicity and one smooth plan for the new year. Here’s what you do:

1. Buy it. Purchase the six-for-five series at your LunchboxWax salon or online by selecting “Buy Series” on your salon's booking page.

2. Book it. Make your appointment. Your online account keeps track of your available waxes for you. Consider us your virtual helper! No cards, no fuss.

3. Wax it. Our refined, unique speed-waxing technique means smooth skin is just minutes away. Questions about waxing? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

See you soon! Happy new year, happy smooth year!