I Let A Woman Rip All the Hair Out of My You-Know-What
Oh, Heather P. from Temecula. Could you be any cuter? We stumbled upon this review of our Sugar House LunchboxWax (Salt Lake City, Utah), and after passing it around the franchise offices, we decided we needed to share it here, too. By the way, Heather, if you’re not a full-time story-teller, you should be. Seriously.

Heather P. writes: Once upon a time, I let a woman rip all the hair from my you-know-what.

And I even paid her for it.

Now, to preface my story, I’ve never gotten any kind of wax. Ever. I’ve been a slave to the razor, enduring cruel razor burn and spikey stubble for years. One day, I decided enough was enough. I’d driven by LunchboxWax, admired the name and the logo, and figured that was enough to judge an entire establishment. I called them around noon and asked if they had appointments that same day. Karlie let me come in at 5:30 for my very first Brazilian.

Immediately when you walk in, theres a fun, exciting atmosphere. Its akin to feeling like you’re about to join this secret society of beautiful warrior women. I was greeted by Karlie and brought into a room where my introduction into this society would begin. She left the room so I could strip from the waist down. When she came back, the only thought I had was, “No going back now.”

Then began the simultaneously painful and awesome experience that is the Brazilian wax. I'm not a shy person, so having her see everything down there took only a moments hesitation. Then it was similar to chatting with your hairdresser. Except our conversation was interrupted with me gasping and jerking my legs in reflex with her saying, “Remember to breathe.”

Overall, it only took 15 minutes — even with her double checking it all with a pair of tweezers. I left feeling like a goddess who was ready to conquer a small country in Europe. In conclusion, Karlie was a wonderful waxtress and her technique made it so the pain only lasted a second. 10/10 will go back for round 2.

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