Friendships. Not memberships.

Brows. Bikini. Brazilian. Back. If any of these are your go-to services at LunchboxWax, then you’re going to love Friends with Benefits®.

This month-to-month discounted unlimited waxing plan gives regular waxing guests like you a chance to save money and build a waxing schedule to fit your needs. Enjoy any of our four most popular wax services as often as you need to. Book one of these services and ask your waxologist to get you started for:

FwB Unlimited Brows - $22/month
FwB Unlimited Bikini - $29/month
FwB Unlimited Brazilian - $51/month
FwB Unlimited Back - $51/month

Ask your waxologist to enroll you the next time you’re at LunchboxWax!

Friends with Benefits® Unlimited Waxing Program Terms & Conditions