Sun Valley Salon Gets A New Owner!

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Great-big, wonderful news!

The Sun Valley salon, as you may know, was one of our first. LunchboxWax Franchise CEO + Founder Debi Lane called the Wood River Valley home for a long time, and when she launched the now-nationwide LunchboxWax brand, she did so in Boise and Sun Valley in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

Since then, the Sun Valley salon has been plugging along. But now, a new face and fresh spirit is ready to take it from rolling to rocking.

Shahayla Eberhard who has been in cosmetology for more than seven years, joined LunchboxWax in 2014 as a waxologist at the downtown Boise location and is an ideal fit as owner/operator for the Ketchum-Sun Valley salon, Lane said.

“We have been interested in transitioning our corporate store in Ketchum to our franchise model but have been patiently waiting for the perfect scenario to present itself,” Lane said. “Shahayla’s business sense, ties to the Wood River Valley and superior speed-waxing expertise makes her an ideal fit for this role. We’re excited to see her grow as a LunchboxWax franchisee and are excited to have her leadership in the salon that helped put us on the map.”

LunchboxWax launched its national franchise program to answer growing consumer demand for expertly trained estheticians trained for the sole purpose of speed waxing in an environment that is dedicated to each guest’s comfort. The franchise, which is headquartered in Boise, is currently has 26 salons in 10 states either in operation or active buildout.

The popularity of the LunchboxWax brand that cultivates curiosity, along with the proven system that includes custom products to pamper the skin of every guest before, during and after a session, has provided a foundation for strong growth in the $7+ billion beauty industry.

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