Supporting a Community During a Senseless Tragedy

Within hours of the mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas, many of our waxologists were reaching out to find ways to help support victims and their families. We are moved with their desire to make a tangible difference and were honored to assist them. On October 9, 2017, nearly half of all of our salons nationwide chose to donate profits from services performed that day to the #LoveArmyLasVegasFund to help those impacted by this senseless tragedy.

In all, more than $6,000 was raised and donated. The four Utah salons and the Henderson, Nevada, salon were the most significant contributors. Some waxologists even chose to forgo their salaries and commission on that day to make a difference.

LunchboxWax Utah Franchisee Teresa Hatter said, "Our sweet Evie from Sugarhouse is the one who had the idea to do this. She normally has Mondays off and wanted to work to be a part of this. She clocked 11.67 hours on her day off. Between hourly, commission and tips, she asked that all of it be donated. There were other girls who donated time and compensation, too. We had guests crying and were so grateful."

Thank you to Evie and all other waxologists, franchisees and guests who jumped in head- and heart-first to lift our nation up during this senseless, horrific tragedy that will impact countless people for the rest of their lives.