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Meet Our Burlington Team

Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness. Learn more about the Burlington team and the wax services they provide!

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  • Peggy Quinn
    Peggy Quinn Salon Director
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    Peggy Quinn Salon Director

    A native Bostonian who has been in the beauty industry for 35 years, Peggy Quinn has been with LunchboxWax since 2017 as the Salon Director. In her current role as Salon Director she oversees all salon operations, striving to create the best experience for every guest. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

  • Jenni Borrelli
    Jenni Borrelli Salon Manager
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    Jenni Borrelli Salon Manager

    Jenni is a 2016 graduate of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics and has always had a passion for skin care, makeup, and fashion! She’s an old soul with a free spirit who loves the outdoors. This hippie is an avid supporter for protecting and preserving our environment, world’s oceans, and beaches. In a hurry? Jenni is our speed-waxing expert and will have you smooth in lightening speed all while making you feel comfortable. During her free time, you can catch her at the movies or find her cuddling with her kitty fur babies Orca, Ziggy, and Buddy.


  • Ivana Waxologist
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    Ivana Waxologist

    Ivana started experimenting with makeup and skincare ever since she could remember! She knew from the second she started her esthetician career that this hobby would turn into a lifelong passion. She loves waxing brows and performing any facial services! She enjoys making guests feel beautiful and building that trust and relationship with them. Ivana will have you feeling comfortable from the moment you walk in and confident the moment you leave. She is easy going with an inviting warm personality. When Ivana is not in the salon, she is spending time with her friends, getting her nails done, or planning out her next tattoo!

  • Jenicia Waxologist
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    Jenicia Waxologist

    Jenicia has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2009, and has a passion for all things beauty. LunchboxWax is reigniting her love for waxing, and she has a knack for going above and beyond expectations, ensuring that her guests leave feeling like the best versions of themselves. First timer? Her quick wit and sense of humor keep the worst of nerves at bay! Outside of the salon, you can find Jenicia in the kitchen baking, jamming out to some Latin tunes, or laid back with her adorable pups Max and Sophie.

  • Julia Waxologist
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    Julia Waxologist

    Julia knew from the moment she picked up a hairbrush that she wanted to thrive in the beauty industry one day. This fun-sized Waxologist also holds a cosmetology license! Julia graduated from the New England Hair Academy in 2016 and has discovered her new passion for waxing. She loves seeing her guests leaving with a glowing smile, feeling beautiful and confident. Her vibrant yet calm and caring persona keeps guests feeling connected and diminishes any worries pre-wax! On her days off, Julia loves watching reruns of The Office, taking long walks down the makeup aisle, and indulging in all types of food - from cheeseburgers to chocolate.

  • Samara Kranz Waxologist
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    Samara Kranz Waxologist

    Samara has been a licensed esthetician for over ten years. She has always had a passion for the beauty industry and considers herself a big time salon junkie. As an experienced esthetician, she has worked in a variety of spas and salons throughout the years but specializes in waxing. Samara loves the energy of working in a highly busy environment. Outside of the salon, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters, Maggie and Lulu. She is a Burlington local who feels extremely lucky to work and live in such fantastic town.!

  • Sydney Waxologist
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    Sydney Waxologist
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