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Bikini Waxing Services in Burlington

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We see you! You want to keep things tidy and be the well-groomer go-getter you are! Our bikini waxing services in Burlington are perfect for anyone, whether you’ve never been waxed or you’re a bit more experienced. If you’re getting ready for fun in the sun or you just like a neater look, visit our waxologists today!

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What to expect for a bikini wax services

Using hot wax, our experienced and certified waxologists remove the hair at the root for smooth, long-lasting results with no prickly razor stubble! A bikini wax is the perfect service designed to quickly remove unwanted hari from the public region that might otherwise be seen while wearing a bikini bathing suit.

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At LunchboxWax Burlington we have a few different versions of this classis wax service:

  • Standard Bikini Wax: This wax includes just inside of where a regular bikini sits to keep you tidy.
  • Extended bikini Wax: Extend the bikini wax to include a bit of the inner thigh and back of the leg
  • Bikini Tight: Feeling cheeky? Boost the basic bikini wax. Includes inside of where a regular bikini sits and between the cheeks.
  • Bikini Tight Extended: Extend the tight bikini wax to include a bit of the inner thigh and back of the leg.

woman sitting on the ground smilingDo you have a question about the type of Bikini wax you would like to have? Don’t be shy! Our team have all the answers and can help you get your ideal look!

How to prepare for your Bikini Wax Service

  • Let it grow! In order to get the best service possible, hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long. For most people that is about two-three weeks of growth.
  • Get comfy for your appointment: Your skin is going to be sensitive after the wax, so wearing comfy clothes, such as your favorite sweatpants, with help minimize the irrigation.
  • Bring a list of any medications you are taking. Some medications, such as Accutane, antibiotics, and topical creams, can interfere with successful waxing results. Make sure to inform your waxologist of any medications before we begin, so we can make any necessary adjustments.
  • Ask questions! We want you to be comfortable during your appointment and leave with he service you wanted and expect. Feel free to ask questions before, during, and after your service to get exactly what you want!
  • Relax! We know that waxing isn’t always the most relaxing experience, especially if you’re new to bikini waxing and other waxing services. But tension and anxiety can actually make the process more painful! Listen to your favorite music, chat to your waxologist about your day, whatever allows you to breath and relax! We want you to leave feeling refreshed, not stressed!

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  • Shave within two weeks of your appointment, preferably longer.
  • Tan or expose the area to direct UV rays within 24 to 48 hours of the appointment.
  • Drink alcohol or excessive caffeine; they tighten pores and create a more painful experience.
  • Apply numbing creams; the right technique is just as effective and much less hassle.

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