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Keep On Keepin’ On

We like to keep things smooth and simple around here:

  • Bare Bundles: Bundled services to save you time and money.
  • BOGO: First-time guests, buy your first wax and get the second wax FREE!
  • Wax Series: Buy five wax services, get one FREE!
  • Unlimited Membership: Unlimited waxing with payment options.

With personalized attention from skilled waxologists and plenty of service perks, LunchboxWax is the go-to choice for every body.

Contact your local salon for details and exclusions.

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Jessica Nelson did my wax today, she was super nice and efficient. I usually go to Mady but she was booked today and the time I could make it she had no more appointments but she is a must if Jessica is not available then go to Mady or vice versa! Very clean, they take the Covid restrictions serious and take your temperature and have you sign a waiver.

Vanessa R. Brentwood- 12/5/2020
Rqquel S. Brentwood- 12/4/2020
Mady is an AMAZING wax specailist!!!  This was my first time getting a brazillian and letting anyone touch my brows.  She’s very friendly and puts you at easy quickly.  The staff are wonderful, open and very kind.  The establishment was very clean and comfortable also.  And during this pandemic, they all were following protocols to keep us safe.  Truly a great experience and I’ll definitely be back!!!
A.R. Brentwood- 11/14/2020

I haven’t been here since pre covid and finally booked an appointment today and I was very happy with the service Michelle provided!! She was very nice and patient with me. I actually had an appointment for my “free” 2nd wax  during SIP and had to cancel. I asked about that service and if I could use it today and surprisingly I was able to get my wax for free! I was glad that they honored it despite it being months overdue. Highly recommend getting waxed here!

Ina L. Brentwood - 10/28/2020

I had asked Lunchbox for a refund on a package I had purchased right before SIP/Shutdown went into effect as I wouldn’t be able to use it. I have to compliment them highly on their customer service. Within 24 hours of my email (more like 12 hours) the owner reached out to me and had initiated my refund. She was extremely kind, patient, and understanding. I have always appreciated the wonderful customer service I have experienced in the salon, and now outside the salon. This is a great company that is trying to do right by their customers during these unprecedented times. Thank you Lunchbox Wax. I’ll definitely be back as soon as the opportunity presents.

Melanie M. Brentwood - 9/23/2020

11/3/18 was my first time here. Such an AMAZING experience. Excellent customer service. Super clean facility. Professional, knowledgeable, and personable staff. Chelsea was amazing. She made me feel comfortable, explained what lunchbox offers, and made an effort to get to know me. Will definitely return-and not just because they offer first timers their second wax for free 😉

Valerie S. Brentwood - 11/6/2018
Jazmine B. Brentwood - 10/20/2019

Professional, practical, and punctual. Can’t ask for more!
I appreciate the LunchboxWax has great product and also a good “vibe” for their worker and their clients.  Yes, the product is a bit pricey but it is worth the charge.  They really do practice and emphasize proper practice procedures.  Do it! 🙂

Tiffanie L. Brentwood - 8/20/2019

Tried LunchboxWax for the first time and it was a great experience! I had Angel and she was very sweet and outgoing. She made the experience very relaxing and I felt very comfortable. I used to go to European wax and I felt there was always lots of hair left. Stopped going because it was too expensive to not get all the hair. Angel was very thorough and took her time! Definitely will be back.

Savannah R. Brentwood - 7/31/2019

I had been wanting to graduate from European Wax Center for a while for a few reasons so I had turned to my trusty sidekick, Yelp. This was one of the first results that came so I did my research on their website. First of all, soft wax? What’s that? What makes them different from EWC? Why should I make the transition? These were all lingering questions & what really drew me in was their buy your first wax and get your second free.
I made my appointment for today with Jessica and asked her all these questions prior to waxing; she answered each and every one of them with such confidence/ease which made me feel extremely comfortable with her from the start. (Getting a Brazilian is scary enough but with a whole new waxer is even more terrifying)
I felt zero pain during the entire process and she talked with me as well which I absolutely love instead of awkward silence
She also made sure I wasn’t “sticky” before putting on my clothes and tweezed all the leftover hairs which another certain wax place used to not do.

Super friendly staff, spacious waxing room, & CLEAN/luxurious feeling interior.

Definitely will be a regular here from now on. Thank you Jessica!

Tierra S. Brentwood - 2/12/2019
A.A. Brentwood - 4/5/2019

Maddy Siler is the BEST! Going in nervous a big chicken of pain and germs. She was so pleasant, professional, and calming, she kept in tune with my fears asking if wax temperature was good, if I was ok,  place was very clean and sterile room and equipment. Wax was quick and thorough. I’ll definitely be back!! Thanks Maddy! (Unsure of correct first name spelling)

Arlene B. Brentwood - 11/6/2020

Walking in, LunchboxWax is super clean and welcoming, you wouldn’t question it. The staff are very inviting. &They don’t use hard wax, they use soft wax which I prefer.
I RECOMMEND BOOKING WITH NICOLE! She’s super professional, makes you feel comfortable, & overall great experience. I’ve left waxes before feeling eh~ but with Nicole I left feeling great about everything. She is quick and makes it so easy to come in. I have other locations closer to where I work but I’m willing to drive out for an appointment with her.

I been meaning to write this review sooner but def coming back for other services after the shelter in place is lifted..!

Stephanie Ann L. Brentwood - 4/15/2020

Alright you guys! You knowwwwww I have a love hate with waxing! But today, WAS EVERYTHING!!!! That is all thanks to the WONDERFUL, TALENTED AND GIFT TO VAGINAS…KELSIE!!!!!! Okay so I arrived to the Lunchbox Wax in Brentwood a little before my appointment to check in. The receptionist GREETS ME WITH SUCH A GREAT SMILE (once again their customer service is ON POINT!!). She tells me that I’ll be seeing Kelsie today, which was a surprise to me since I booked with Rhiannon. BUT she reassured me that I was in GREAT HANDS so no need to worry! Being that I’m new to waxing, I just went with it! AND IM GLAD I DID!!!!! Kelsie was NOT ONLY THE SALON MANAGER but she was HANDS DOWN THE BEST ME AND MY PAYAYA HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! She put me at such ease! Was QUICK (but not quick like rip my skin off quick), EASY TO TALK TO (not AWKWARD PAYAYA convo) and SOOOOO PROFESSIONAL (the GIRL BOSS kind). I am soooo happy that I didn’t PRE-JUDGE the situation and walk out after learning Rhiannon was no longer there. Staying and being waxed by Kelsie was the best decision EVER! Can’t wait to go back and see my #NEWwaxqueen

Simone M. Brentwood - 3/7/2020

Nicole is great! She is so funny and makes you feel comfortable the entire time, not to mention how thorough she is. The place itself is really cute and the other waxers were helpful and kind as well. I’ll be coming back!

Tristan S. Brentwood - 1/30/2020

So I’ve never committed to a waxing girl until I got a Brazilian wax done by Kelsie!! I FINALLY found my waxing girl! During my service she made me feel so comfortable. I felt like as if she was a girlfriend of mine. She was literally cracking me up the whole time. I really enjoyed getting to know her as well. I really respect how she has a passion for her job and how every client she should be treated to perfectionist! THANK YOU so much Kelsie for a smooth and fun experience!!

Ladies!! Go to Kelsie for your Brazilian wax! She is seriously daaaa bomb!!!! 🙂

Jenny K. Brentwood - 8/30/2018