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LunchboxWax Concord

Bare Your Beauty

Walk into LunchboxWax Concord with hair you don’t want, then leave feeling bare, beautiful and confident in just a matter of minutes! As a full-service speed-waxing salon, we deliver a unique guest experience. It’s true what they say about us — hair today, gone tomorrow. We utilize refined, effective speed-waxing techniques to give you smooth, glowing skin.

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What We Do


At our Concord LunchboxWax salon, you’ll be treated to our proven three-step speed-waxing process that combines refined technique and the highest quality products. Have something in mind you don’t see on our menu? Ask.

Eyebrow Shaping


LunchboxWax waxologists work with you to decide which brow shape works best for your face shape and personal style.

Leg Wax


From hips to toe tips, enjoy silky stems for weeks at a time with a full leg wax. After this service, you may never pick up a razor again.



We moustache you a question: While you’re here getting your eyebrows sculpted, would you like to get your lip waxed, too?

Underarm Wax


Hailing a cab? Know the answer to a question? A sucker for roller-coaster rides? Don't be shy. Raise your arms high and show your smoothness.

Back Wax


We've got your back! Or, more specifically, we've got you from shoulder to shoulder, starting below the neck and going to just above the glutes.

Chest Wax


We call this a chest wax, but our certified speed waxers take care of it all - from the neck to just below where your pant line rests.

Friends with Benefits


Save money and create a waxing schedule that fits your needs when you purchase an Unlimited Membership. Choose your preferred service and pay a one-time fee or month to month and get unlimited waxing for a year!

LunchboxWax Concord memberships

Get the LunchboxWax Experience

At LunchboxWax Concord, we believe that beauty is much more than just your external appearance – it’s how you feel about yourself. With our personal care services, you’ll be pampered in a safe, respectful environment. Our waxologists offer a range of waxing services for every body.


This salon is the best! It is beyond clean, the staff are so friendly & professional, and they acknowledge you with a smile right when you arrive. The service provided (leg and underarm waxing) was exceptional, and they make you feel very comfortable. I will not go anywhere else for waxing services!

Jennifer E. Concord - 7/29/2019

Hello! My name is Renae and I just wanted to say that this was my first time having a service done at LunchboxWax and I loved it! The three ladies at the front were very welcoming and upbeat. Alicia did an AMAZING job on my brows and was very thorough about the plan for them; advise on shaping and explaining how the outcome would be due to a gap in hair on one brow. When she was finished, my brows were identical! I used to go to European Wax …. I booked another appointment with her and will be getting many more waxes with her because she made me feel so comfortable. Needless to say… she was THEE best.

Renae P. Concord - 10/26/2020

I came into my appt. Mind you this was my first time EVER getting a Brazilian wax. Emotions….nervous, excited and anxious. My “wax tech” was amazing! Her name is Rikki- super professional, made me feel comfortable……. Super clean facilities and I really appreciated the fact everyone greeted us with an smile walking in.

Janelle V. Concord - 3/13/2020

I am so pleased with Lunchbox Wax, in Concord.  I made an appointment for a Brazilian Wax, and I think I was really blessed to have that appointment with Amy.  Amy is amazing.  it didn’t hurt at all, and went so quickly.  I am not an easy customer, and it was not any easy task; so impressed with her attitude, kindness, humor, and friendliness, add that to an esthetician, who is an expert at her work.

PLUS, Amy made sure to schedule me for a complimentary second wax, after the first Brazilian.  I am so excited.

Jennifer R. Concord - 11/2/2019

I recently moved to Brentwood and knew I wanted to continue going to LBW (I was going to the dublin location before) but was nervous about finding a waxer I connected with. I have seen a few girls (all were fantastic too) before finding Madi who was just simply AMAZING! She went above and beyond and helped me find a routine to get my ingrowns under control, while in the past many waxers just tell me to exfoliate more without any other advice. She’s super personable and made me feel confident that I have found my go to waxer!

Karina S. Concord - 1/27/2020

I decided to try out lunchbox based on all the reviews I saw. I loved the atmosphere and my waxer Jay. I had an evening appointment. Jay was amazing. I’m very particular with my brows and she did an amazing job. She made the whole experience great. She was funny and so real. I definitely recommend her and cannot wait for my next appointment. Lunchbox is definitely my new go to wax place.

Carol A. Concord - 10/28/2019

This was my very first time experiencing a Brazilian Wax and i must admit it went very well. Alexis made me feel very comfortable the entire time. She gave me great after care tips as well. You also get your second wax FREE which is awesome. I’ll definitely be going back and I will most definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for making my first experience great Alexis.

Ahsaki S. Concord - 11/15/2020

I love coming here!! I have a Brazilian friends w benefits plan. I see Alex every time and I always leave perfectly smooth. She’s incredibly thorough and makes sure to get every hair. She also gives excellent advice and genuinely cares about your skins health. I couldn’t be happier!!

Jean B. Concord - 10/20/2020

This is my second time here and I’m never going to anyone else but Yesenia!!! I’m sure the other waxers are good too!! Yesenia is very careful and caring and if it’s your first time she makes you feel

Tiff G. Concord - 10/7/2020

I love coming here for my brow and upper lip wax … super quick …..makes the process so easy and enjoyable.

The location of Lunchbox Wax in the Veranda plaza is extremely convenient and parking has always been a breeze with such a large parking lot…..The ease of booking my next appointment, cleanliness of the studio, friendliness of the staff, and perfect waxing results – all of it definitely gets a 5 out of 5 stars for me. Not to mention, the prices are unbeatable.

Definitely recommend coming here …… for your waxing needs!

Cassie K. Concord - 12/28/2019

One night ….. I came up the brilliant idea of waxing my own nose-hairs….. The results: A mess.

….I now go to Lunchbox Wax, where for fourteen dollars, and about ten minutes, a professional handles my problem.

As a forty-five-year-old man, was the signage outside the building a little intimidating? Maybe–I did try to slip into the salon without any bystanders seeing me. However, once inside, things are different–employees are inviting, friendly, and make you feel comfortable.

Josh H. Concord - 9/26/2019

By far the best I have ever experienced! Alicia was just awesome!!! I can really tell  she enjoys what she does and cares about the clients. Can’t wait for my next appointment with her 🙂

Hansol K. Cocnord - 10/3/2020

I come ever 3 weeks! Rikki is the freaking best !!! You need to book with her she always give me the best waxing advice & products to use ! When I first came here I wasn’t used to waxing my Cha cha, and she talk to me, kept me calm & was gentle in that area. She takes her time &

Ajali C. Concord - 3/4/2020

5/5.  I’m heavily pregnant and I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure if it was going to hurt. Guess what, it didn’t!  I got my full legs waxed by Amy and she did a fantastic job!  She was so sweet and made me very comfortable from the get go.  The facility is very clean and cute. I highly recommend this place!  Can’t wait for my next appointment.

Coley F. Cocnord - 10/5/2019

Madi. Madi. Let me say her name a little louder so the people in the back can hear me MADI. She is incredible. Today was my first time at lunchbox I used to go to European wax center (no shady to them) but I think I found my new go to place with my favorite go to person.

…parking right in front ….. Madi introduced herself. ….. room which was very nice and clean. They have heated tables!!! Heated flipping tables!!!…..Madi did an excellent job,,,, She is incredibly smart. Super knowledgeable. Super sweet. She brought so much joy for those 15-20 minutes I was so sad to leave.

Nikkie A. Concord - 1/31/2021

Lunchbox uses a soft wax (as opposed to hard wax, which European Wax uses at their locations) and they really stress skin care while sharing helpful tips. I was lucky to schedule an appointment with Alexis, she’s so friendly and took my mind off the stress of my waxing! She was professional and I’ll definitely schedule with her again.

Claire G. 10/21/2020

I’ve heard great things about this place over the last few years, and recently I’ve been wanting to give it a try ….Best decision ever! The location is great. The environment inside the salon was relaxed and seemed very clean.

Alex is so friendly and kind! I had no idea what to expect at first, but she went through everything with me and made me feel super comfortable- it made the whole process feel a lot quicker and bearable.

At the end of everything, I found out about their BOGO free deal- buy your first wax and get your second wax free! Can’t wait to return.

Angel P. Concord - 10/4/2020

This was my first time coming to lunchbox wax I came in for a Brazilian before my vacation and Yessenia was my wasologist. She was amazing, very professional and nice, she explained a lot to me since it was my first time there and didn’t make me feel awkward or embarrassed. Highly recommend you go see Yessenia

Mariah C. Cocnord - 8/9/2019

I came here for my first Brazilian back in January before quarantine. I just got a chance to go back in today and can confirm both experiences were absolutely lovely! Even pre-covid the facilities were super clean, and now they’ve implemented a ton of processes and procedures to ensure guest and employee safety, which is super reassuring. Everyone is incredibly professional, and the estheticians go above and beyond each time to deliver a great experience.

Jillian Mae K. Concord - 10/17/2020

Lunchbox is the BEST wax place EVER. ….. Lunchbox was spotless!! It was so clean and nice. The customer service was great and professional. I will definitely come to Lunchbox again and always refer a friend.

Lauren S. Concord - 9/29/2020

I’m reviewing this place again because it’s that good. I’ve been coming here for over a year now and have been hooked since my first appointment! I have seen a couple of the girls over the course of that time and I must say, they all are amazing!! Madi is my FAVORITE. She’s so professional, is naturally a people person and doesn’t have to fake or force a conversation to build rapport with her clients! A girl never really looks forward to getting a Brazilian, but she makes me excited to go in once a month just so I can see her!! As far as the environment and the cleanliness, it exceeds expectations. The entire place is clean and smells amazing. They all genuinely care about their clients and that’s more than anyone can ask for?! Don’t think twice about coming here, just do it. Take my word, you won’t be disappointed.

Crisellyn P. Concord - 2/12/2020

I started coming here before quarantine and enjoyed the service so much that I signed up for their one year unlimited plan for the Brazilian wax service. I went back a few days ago to take advantage of their re-opening and found their service was as excellent as before (with added COVID precautions).

Charlene Concord - 11/16/2020

Take this job and love it.

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