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LunchboxWax Dublin

Bare Your Beauty

Walk into LunchboxWax Dublin with hair you don’t want, then leave feeling bare, beautiful and confident in just a matter of minutes! As a full-service speed-waxing salon, we deliver a unique guest experience. It’s true what they say about us — hair today, gone tomorrow. We utilize refined, effective speed-waxing techniques to give you smooth, glowing skin.

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What We Do


At our Dublin LunchboxWax salon, you’ll be treated to our proven three-step speed-waxing process that combines refined technique and the highest quality products. Have something in mind you don’t see on our menu? Ask.

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Shaping


LunchboxWax waxologists work with you to decide which brow shape works best for your face shape and personal style.



Brow-chica-brow-brow! Get a hands-on, eyes-open consultation with an expert. This boosted eyebrow wax includes tinting. A makeover wouldn’t be complete without tips on upkeep for your new look.



Add a little pop and pizzazz to your brows with color. Our experts help you pick the perfect shade.

Leg Wax

Leg Wax


From hips to toe tips, enjoy silky stems for weeks at a time with a full leg wax. After this service, you may never pick up a razor again.




We moustache you a question: While you’re here getting your eyebrows sculpted, would you like to get your lip waxed, too?

Underarm Wax

Underarm Wax


Hailing a cab? Know the answer to a question? A sucker for roller-coaster rides? Don't be shy. Raise your arms high and show your smoothness.

Back Wax

Back Wax


We've got your back! Or, more specifically, we've got you from shoulder to shoulder, starting below the neck and going to just above the glutes.

Chest Wax

Chest Wax


We call this a chest wax, but our certified speed waxers take care of it all - from the neck to just below where your pant line rests.

Friends with Benefits


Save money and create a waxing schedule that fits your needs when you purchase an Unlimited Membership. Choose your preferred service and pay a one-time fee or month to month and get unlimited waxing for a year!

LunchboxWax Dublin memberships

Get the LunchboxWax Experience

At LunchboxWax Dublin, we believe that beauty is much more than just your external appearance – it’s how you feel about yourself. With our personal care services, you’ll be pampered in a safe, respectful environment. Our waxologists offer a range of waxing services for every body.


Although lunchbox is currently closed due to covid restrictions, I wanted to take the time to leave a long overdue review. Ada is the best and I do not trust anyone else touching my eyebrows. I even have unused waxes from a package at European wax center that I have left there because now that I have met Ada I cannot let anyone else touch my eyebrows. (No one will compare to her!) The salon has always been clean and welcoming. The only thing that I had to get used to is when rescheduling an appointment a text is sent, but I have found that their appointment robot works well and I have had no problem rescheduling. I can’t wait for the salon to reopen!

Amanda G. Dublin - 12/22/2020

Whyyyy did I wait so long? Love this place! And to think I almost cancelled!

Called in to cancel my appt since it didn’t fit in with my scheduled! Spoke to the owner and she let me know they had a same day cancellation and that they could fit me in! Heck yah! My Waxologist was Coryne… Had the best time even in such an awkward moment! She had my laughing the whole time which helped eased the pain. But pain was definitely minimal… she was quick and informative! Let me know what she was doing and double checked for areas she may have missed.

Place is clean, following COVID guidelines and friendly! I would 100% recommend Lunchbox for all waxing needs! I will definitely be back!

Jen D. Dublin - 11/12/2020

First time visiting, my experience was great! Mariyah did a great job! Staff was professional and polite. Love the wax they use for my Brazilian, definitely will return and recommend others!

Shavelle O. Dublin - 11/5/2020

I love love love going to this place! I started going here last year and I haven’t been for a while because of Covid and everything, but since they opened back up last month it feels amazing having my lady bits freshly waxed again. Sami takes good care of me every time I go. She’s welcoming, friendly, kind and constantly shows she cares. I get excited every time I go back to see her. I love talking to her and she is genuinely kind and extremely professional and always makes sure I feel safe and comfortable during the waxing session. 10/10 recommend to anyone, go to my girl Sami! She’ll take great care of you, like she always does with me.

Michelle K. Dublin - 11/4/2020

I switched from European Wax Center to LunchboxWax and let me tell you….BEST DECISION EVER!! They use soft wax so it’s less harmful to my lady bits and I rarely get ingrown hairs. They staff is lovely & whole aesthetic really sets the mood for the great experience. The owner Nicole is awesome! Mariyah is my waxed and she is amazing & so sweet!! Def recommend her!

Christiana K. Dublin - 10/29/2020

I was very skeptical about trying a new place to get a Brazilian but when reviewing all the great reviews on yelp for this place I thought I would give it a try.  I’ve went there twice so far and both times were excellent. They are fast and efficient and we were chatting away so I hardly felt any pain!  Both technicians were super friendly and nice. I like that all they cater to here is waxing so it made me comfortable knowing that’s their expertise.

Avi L. Dublin - 1/4/2020

I went there today for my first Brazilian extended ever. (Brazilian and down the thighs).
I was always under the impression that this was painful. I can honestly say that I totally regret having waited so long to try this. I didn’t find it to be painful at all. The waxologist who waxed me, was personality plus- and we chatted the entire time. I’m fairly modest, but it’s a very welcoming and relaxing environment.
Goodbye to shaving at all of those awkward angles and still missing a spot. Hello to 100% confidence that everything is clean and smooth!

Kimberly T. - YELP Elite ‘20 Dublin - 11/6/2019

For all your waxing needs this is the place to go. I’m 6 months postpartum with extremely sensitive skin and Mariyah is my girl. She does an excellent job, no kidding there. Great to talk to, amazing sense of humor and very thorough with her waxing. I literally told her last time, if she was to move to another salon, I would go to her. I’ve been waxing for over 20 years and have this is one best salons I’ve been to.

S.S. Dublin - 11/3/2019

My first experience here was really good.

I paid roughly $60 for a Brazilian that took about 30 minutes. Their first time customer offer buy one get one free is honestly super amazing.

As you can imagine getting waxed below the waist can be quite awkward but honestly it wasn’t at all here. The girl that did the waxing kept the conversation super casual and we even laughed about the awkward position you have to be in for the “between the cheeks” part of the Brazilian.

Highly recommend this location.

Sarah T. Dublin - 8/30/2019

Love Lunchbox! The girls are great at what they do and so friendly. Also love how organized it is: never have had issues with having to wait too long. Plus very clean and great prices. Try bundling packages — it’s one of my favorite parts of Lunchbox.

Kate P. Dublin - 7/20/2019

Lunchbox in Dublin is my go to for Brazilians! I had my appt with Mariyah and she was super friendly throughout the entire appointment. For people who are scared because of pain I promise it’s not bad at all and lunch box does the best job 🙂

Chantelle T. Dublin - 11/27/2018

Always amazing coming here! not going back to European lol. soft wax being used here has always left my skin more smooth with no irritation. will be back to see my girl in a month!

Sherya J. Dublin - 8/30/2018

I’ve never had a bad experience at Lunchbox.  I’ve been going since they opened…  the girls are wonderful, the store is spotless,  they make the whole experience very comfortable, explaining it all as they go and whatever they are doing to ease the discomfort works bc it’s basically pain free… thank god for that..

Beth B. Dublin - 3/15/2018

Today was the second visit to this place and second one with SAM ( Samantha). Amazing experience so far. Very clean and professional work done by her and I never loved my body so much.  Initially I was hesitant to wax my full body but with Lunchbox and  Sam I feel way more comfortable and the process is not at all painful contradictory to the popular opinion. Loved the experience and will soon visit for  full body wax.

Saurabh R. Dublin - 10/17/2020
Kyle L. Dublin - 12/16/2019

Take this job and love it.

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