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Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Lisa
    Lisa Franchise Owner & Salon Director
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    Lisa Franchise Owner & Salon Director


  • Chelsea Assistant Manager
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    Chelsea Assistant Manager

    Chelsea prides herself in making people feel better about themselves. The friendships she makes while waxing brings her an unmatched joy. While studying Marketing in New York City, she worked for the top beauty brands, Mercedes Benz Fashion week, and became a published writer. This is where her love of social media blossomed. Upon graduation she realized the perfect way to spread self-love was to study esthetics. While working for LunchboxWax Bay Area, she was named a “Top 100 Health Care Leader” 2x in a row in 2019 for her positive impact on others on social media

  • Rosa Tovar Waxologist
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    Rosa Tovar Waxologist

    Rosa is from Portland and has been an esthetician for over 10 years doing everything from waxing, skincare, to lash extensions and make up. Rosa loves to wax the most! She also loves getting to know every one of her clients and looks forward to getting to know you!

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