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Meet Our Costa Mesa Team

Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Joanna Catindig
    Joanna Catindig Salon Manager
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    Joanna Catindig Salon Manager

    Joanna found her passion in the field of beauty as a child. She started out as a makeup artist in the industry, eventually venturing out into esthetics. That’s when she realized how much she loved body waxing. "I enjoy being able to help people feel beautiful and confident in themselves. Not only does waxing make someone feel good but also gives them smooth skin," Joanna said. "My favorite thing about being an esthetician is the lasting relationships and connections I get to build with guests."


  • Colleen Flinn Waxologist
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    Colleen Flinn Waxologist

    Born and raised in Orange County, Colleen always had a yearning for the beauty industry. After completing the esthetics course at Paul Mitchell the School in Costa Mesa, Colleen found her home here with LunchboxWax. "I’d been a guest on several occasions at LunchboxWax and was so impressed with the quality of the service and the upscale vibe of the salon, that it only felt right to pursue my career here and to give others the same 5 star experience I received," Colleen raves. When Colleen isn’t at LunchboxWax, you can find her at Disneyland or binging the latest shows on Netflix.

  • Felicity Waxologist
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    Felicity Waxologist

    Felicity was raised in sunny southern California. Growing up in a salon, she saw first hand that helping people find their inner confidence was not only a beautiful thing, but fulfilling as well. After getting her License she knew that waxing was passion! When Felicity isn't in the salon waxing Brazilians, you can find her on the mats practicing Brazilian Jiu jitsu or spending qulity time with friends and family.

  • Halina Santoyo Waxologist
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    Halina Santoyo Waxologist

    Born and raised in the small town of San Luis Obispo, Halina has always been dedicated to skin care. After finishing school, she quickly picked up and moved to Orange County. This is where she soon envisioned her true passion in Esthetics, after graduating from Paul Mitchell the School. Halina’s ultimate goal is to make women feel comfortable in their own skin, while bringing out their inner beauty!

  • Lillian Scully Waxologist
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    Lillian Scully Waxologist

    During her first job, Lillian spent two years immersed in all things beauty, where skincare and makeup struck a true passion. After discovering a strong desire to help people feel their best, she decided to take a more hands-on approach. After receiving her esthetician’s license in 2015, Lillian has been in the waxing industry ever since. She joined the LunchboxWax team in 2016 and has been able to cultivate her craft while finding a place in her community. If Lillian isn’t with her LunchboxBabes in Costa Mesa, she’s spending quality time with her friends, family, and boyfriend. She finds happiness in a good cup of coffee, watching Friends, and taking long naps.

  • Madison Waxologist
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    Madison Waxologist

    Madison was born in Portland, Oregon but grew up in Southern Orange County. She found her passion while she was in esthetician School and knew she was born to wax! "I love when my guests feel comfortable in their own skin, there’s nothing better than feeling naturally bare & beautiful!" Madison quoted. She plans to be with LunchboxWax for years to come!

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