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Invest in Your Future with a Beauty Franchise

The beauty service industry is one of the most resilient industries, surviving both good and bad economic times. This is because personal care will always be a basic human necessity. Did you know that in 2020 alone, the hair removal market reached a whopping $9.8 billion? Even through tough economic times, people always prioritize looking […]

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Is a Waxing Franchise a Profitable Business?

LunchboxWax target markets for growth

Are you ready for a “vaxxed and waxed” summer? Summer is one of the most popular seasons for wax salons, and this year will be no exception. As the vaccines roll out and restrictions loosen, the demand for smooth skin is on the rise. Body waxing businesses have a high-profit margin with a low overhead […]

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Women in Franchising – Meet the Women Behind the Wax

As a culture-driven company rooted in female empowerment, it’s no surprise that five out of eight of our executive positions are women-held. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we sat down with Jinell Pecsek, Vice President of Salon Development, and Carrie Morgan, Vice President of Culture and Training to share what they’ve learned and some advice […]

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How to Build a Strong Company Culture

At LunchboxWax, our culture is at the heart of everything we do. From franchisees to waxologists, our commitment to body inclusivity is at the core of our brand. Our brand stands behind three principles: beautiful, purposeful and collaborative, that work together to drive our positive, body inclusive culture. Everything we do at LunchboxWax has a […]

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LunchboxWax glides into 2021 with growth on the horizon

A new year brings a season of fresh starts, resolutions and a chance to prioritize self-care. Here at LunchboxWax, we are thrilled to enter a more prosperous era on the heels of a momentous 2020. At a time where many salons were closed, our recession-proof model thrived under extreme circumstances. Our new Coeur d’Alene, Idaho location […]