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Invest in Your Future with a Beauty Franchise

The beauty service industry is one of the most resilient industries, surviving both good and bad economic times. This is because personal care will always be a basic human necessity.

Did you know that in 2020 alone, the hair removal market reached a whopping $9.8 billion? Even through tough economic times, people always prioritize looking good. That’s why the beauty industry has continued to experience an increase in growth despite the pandemic, proving that investing in this industry is recession-proof.

Why Invest in a Beauty Salon Franchise?

While the beauty industry is very profitable, it is also very competitive. This is where franchising comes in handy. Here’s what it can offer you:

  1. Positive Brand Recognition

In an industry built on trust between the customer and service provider, you need a proven record of integrity and a good reputation for quality work. Franchising with an established beauty service brand, like LunchboxWax, gives you access to the name, products and proven business model that customers already trust you for.

  1. Investing in the Proven System

Investing in a franchise grants access to a well-designed system to ensure your business succeeds. At LunchboxWax, we provide all of the tools you need to run your own business, including a comprehensive training program, ongoing mentorship, proven marketing strategies and supplies. With high employee retention with well-trained waxologists, investing in our franchise minimizes the risk of starting your own company.

  1. Built-in Repeat Business

With the average hair growth cycle lasting 5-6 weeks, our franchisees reap the benefits of a lucrative business model built on repeat business. Our mass customer appeal coupled with best-in-class body waxing at an attractive price point with the potential for scalable growth and brand loyalty. And with summer officially underway, we’re diving into our busiest time of year.

Seize your opportunity to begin building a legacy with the support of a proven franchise model. Learn more about franchising with LunchboxWax.