All perks, no pressure

Friends With Benefits Waxing Perks

Looking for a bestie? Choose how you want to be friends with help from our Friends with Benefits programs! Our Friends with Benefits programs are perfect for the active individual who prefers to live a hair-free lifestyle without all the bumps, nicks and time-consuming effort that comes with traditional shaving. Let’s be friends today!

Keep on Keepin’ On

We like to keep things smooth and simple around here:

  • Bare Bundles: Bundled services to save you time and money.
  • BOGO: First-time guests, buy your first wax and get the second wax FREE!
  • Wax Series: Buy five wax services, get one FREE!
  • Unlimited Membership: Unlimited waxing with payment options.

With personalized attention from skilled waxologists and plenty of service perks, LunchboxWax is the go-to choice for every body.

Lunchboxwax Room


I was totally nervous but will absolutely go back!!

I have never had such fleeked eyebrows before!

Wow! Great waxing salon.

The staff was professional and nice and the waxing service was great.

It went quick and smoothly (pun intended).