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Meet Our Henderson Team

Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Danielle Hocking
    Danielle Hocking Salon Director
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    Danielle Hocking Salon Director
  • Sydney Schmidt
    Sydney Schmidt Salon Manager
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    Sydney Schmidt Salon Manager

    Meet Sydney! She is quick-witted, big-hearted and a superstar Salon Manager. Sydney can be found exploring the outdoors, or trying a new groovy coffee shop on her days off. She adores dogs, kind people and her entire waxing team. Sydney also sits on an advisory board for our local beauty schools to help educators better prepare their students for the esthetics working world.


  • Alexis Waxologist
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    Alexis Waxologist

    Alexis is a mom to an amazing 1 year old and is obsessed with makeup and all things that sparkle. Alexis loves sports and is forever a Golden Misfit! After over a decade of slinging drinks, she finally found her dream job as a Waxologist. She has a passion for beauty but also brings fun and humor to the group. Come see Alexis soon!

  • Becca Brennan Waxologist
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    Becca Brennan Waxologist

    As a licensed esthetician and certified brow artist, Becca has passion for waxing and artfully shaping & tinting brows to help her guests look and feel their best! With a desire to live life to its fullest, you will find Becca enjoying outdoor activities, listening to live music, traveling the world, and seeking continuing education to stay current on the latest in skincare and beauty. She is a devoted wife, pug-mom, proud auntie, and sister to 6 amazing brothers.

  • Casey Waxologist
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    Casey Waxologist

    Casey has been with our Henderson team for quite some time now, and loving every minute of it. She strives to be the best waxologist she can be and is always ready to learn more. When she's not perfecting her technique, you can either find her line dancing with friends or on the road to visit her favorite mouse at Disneyland.

  • Jules Waxologist
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    Jules Waxologist

    Jules is Vegas born! She is vegan and very passionate about animals. She loves to travel with her friends to see art and music. Jules loves working in the evolving beauty industry! She is able to constantly expand her knowledge, by learn new tips, tricks and techniques.

  • Marisol Waxologist
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    Marisol Waxologist

    Marisol was born and raised in Orange County, California, but recently moved to Nevada last summer. She has a passion for everything in skin care, and aspires to one day teach and train others in the beauty industry. Marisol is a proud first generation Mexican American, and she embraces her culture everyday! When she is not working you can find her playing with her adorable pug Pugsey, or in California with her family.

  • Shelby Davis Waxologist
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    Shelby Davis Waxologist

    Shelby was born and raised in Henderson, Nevada. Since she was young, she has been passionate about skincare and waxing. She is funny, outgoing, energetic, and she loves being apart of the LunchboxWax team. When she is not at work she is at home hanging with her favorite feline, Rufus!

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