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You can’t have two decades in the beauty and spa industry and not have strong opinions and heaps of know-how about skincare. Fueled by experience and a desire to provide the absolute highest-quality products, LunchboxWax founder Debi Lane worked hand in hand with an esteemed skin products lab to source the right ingredients and formulate one-of-a-kind salt scrubs, moisturizers, ingrown hair tonics and more.

To purchase LunchboxWax retail products, please visit our salon in Twin Falls, ID.

Define Brow Pencil

Brow down and enhance those natural brows

Define Brow Pencils can be applied to create smudge-proof, precise eyebrow arches. With thoughtful, specially formulated ingredients, Define Brow Pencils set to a natural powder finish for full, defined brows.

Available in 5 shades: Ebony 1.5, Brunette 1.4, Chestnut 1.3, Ash 1.2, Sandy 1.1


First, brush brows into place with the spoolie brush. Next, use smooth, long-wearing and water-resistant pencil to fill in sparse areas, defining brow shape with short, feathery strokes. For a soft, natural touch, use the brush to blend color through brows.

.04 oz | $23

What's in it?

Define Highlighter/Concealer Duo

Bring your inner glow to the surface

Specially formulated with Green Tea and Alfalfa Extract to reduce the appearance of puffiness and help increase circulation around the eyes, Define Highlighter/Concealer Duos can be applied to define eye ares.

Available in 3 shades: Dark / Copper 2.5, Medium / Golden 2.3, Fair / Platinum 2.1


To amplify the effect and create a sparkle, place highlighter in the corner of the eye. Sweep concealer under the natural arch of the brow and add highlighter under the brow bone.

.2 oz | $20

What's in it?
Define Gel Tint

Define Gel Tint

Tame and enhance brows for a fuller effect

Define Gel Tints tint and thicken the look of brows with a few simple strokes. Made with innovative tapered brushes that deposit a fiber-in-gel formula adds color, builds volume and creates fullness.

Available in 4 shades: Dark 3.5, Medium 3.3, Fair 3.1, Clear 3.0


Place and apply tinted gel along the natural brow shape. Use fuller parts of the brush to comb product through, which blends and sets brows in place. Repeat as desired.


.113 oz | $23

What's in it?
buff products


Exfoliating Salt Scrub

Shine on, you crazy diamond. Buff your stuff and watch that inner glow rise straight to the top. LunchboxWax Buff is a plays-well-together blend of organic aloe, enriching extracts and exfoliating salts to help remove dead skin and keep ingrown hairs away.

Play our game: Pay special attention to what your skin looks like before and after Buff. Shiny. Smooth. New. So freakin’ healthy.


Gently rub Buff in a circular motion over dry skin. Rinse off in a bath or shower and pat skin dry.

5 oz | $16

What's in it?
LunchboxWax wash


Wash where it counts

Wash where it counts. Prep for your upcoming wax appointment with Wash. Wash is a salicylic foaming body wash that works gently to exfoliate and rebalance skin and pH levels while minimizing the appearance of pores.

4 oz | $19

LunchboxWax whip


Moisturizing Body Butter

Spread it like butter. We call it a whip, but we promise it’s more of a kiss, a gentle pat and a little wink. As part of your post-wax regimen (or better yet, as part of your get-up-and-go and go-to-bed routines), LunchboxWax Whip features a unique blend of emollient oils and anti-aging ingredients to add moisture and youth to your skin.

And sometimes, it’s a struggle to find a gluten-free moisturizer. Well, guess what? You just found one.


Use Whip daily after a bath or shower or when your skin screams for hydration on a long, dry day. Generously apply Whip anywhere you want extra moisture and smoothness. Use after Buff exfoliant and Softbox ingrown hair tonic.

5 oz | $22

What's in it?
Softbox Lunchboxwax


Ingrown Hair Tonic

Don’t you think gentle and powerful can work wonders together? So do we, and we’ve formulated Softbox to prove it. Powerful skin-renewing salicylic acid blends with moisturizing aloe and chamomile oil to keep skin healthy while helping to treat and prevent pesky in-grown hairs.


Apply a small amount of Softbox to clean, dry skin.

2 oz | $22

What's in it?
LunchboxWax essentials


Buff | Wash | Whip | TidyWipe

On the road. On the go. On the move. Don’t leave Ms. Box behind. The Essentials make a great travel companion (or a great gift). The Essentials includes travel sizes of all your faves – travel size Buff, Wash, Whip and TidyWipes.


What's in it?