Mens Waxing


Alright guys, here’s the deal: waxing is for everyone! Our men’s waxing services at LunchboxWax can help you achieve the perfect smooth! Have you been trying to trim hard to reach hair? Maybe you’ve been wanting a super smooth chest? Through our waxing for men, our waxologists provide a wide variety of services, including arm waxing, leg waxing, back waxing, chest waxing, Manzilian waxing and more!


Eyebrow Shaping
Eyebrow Shaping LunchboxWax waxologists work with you to decide which brow shape works best for your face shape and personal style.
Cheeks Feeling cheeky? Keep the sides of your face sweet and smooth and your personality just rough enough to keep everyone on their toes.
Sideburns Tailor your chops or remove your sideburns altogether. This wax service defines the hairline directly in front of your ear.
Nostrils Breathe easy. A quick nostril wax is our fastest service, and most clients say they can’t feel a thing.
Ears Listen up! Have hair that sneaks out - and peeks out - of your ears? We can take care of that.
Neck Don’t forget this incredibly important part of your body. After all, it’s what connects your head to your body. Keep it smooth.
Manzilian Wax
Manzilian Wax This body wax for men covers (or uncovers, you might say) the front, between the cheeks, and everywhere in between. Want to bare your booty, too? We recommend adding on our "glutes" service.
Glutes Wax
Glutes Wax You've heard us say, "Bare Your Beauty™." And for this service, we say, "Bare your booty." Includes between the cheeks.
Between the Cheeks Wax
Between the Cheeks Wax Sometimes, your cheeks may be bare but fuzzy in the fold. No worries. We have a wax service for that. Keep your booty breezy!
Arm Wax
Arm Wax Taking time to make yourself feel beautiful is a good way to arm yourself when life gets overwhelming. Get it? Smooth your skin from fingertips to shoulders.
Arm Wax (Half)
Arm Wax (Half) It's okay not to go all the way. Half-arm waxes start just above the elbow and extend to the tips of your fingers. You can also start just below your elbow and head up to your shoulder. Your choice!
Underarm Wax
Underarm Wax Hailing a cab? Know the answer to a question? A sucker for roller-coaster rides? Don't be shy. Raise your arms high and show your smoothness.
Shoulder Wax
Shoulder Wax Shrug off that unwanted hair! We wax your deltoids, including the front and back. Rock those sleeveless tops with our shoulder wax!
Back Wax
Back Wax We've got your back! Or, more specifically, we've got you from shoulder to shoulder, starting below the neck and going to just above the glutes.
Back Wax (Partial)
Back Wax (Partial) Consider this a half back, but it doesn't have to be the top, bottom, left, or right. It's up to you to decide!
Chest Wax
Chest Wax We call this a chest wax, but our certified speed waxers take care of it all - from the neck to just below where your pant line rests.
Pectorals Wax
Pectorals Wax From the pectorals up, expert waxologists smooth your chest and leave you hair-free and carefree for weeks at a time.
Stomach Wax
Stomach Wax Our waxologists start just below the pecs and smooth your stomach from side to side, while extending to just below the belt line.
Stomach Wax (Partial)
Stomach Wax (Partial) If you find yourself a little fuzzy above your bikini line but not completely blanketed, the partial stomach wax is a quick fix.
Leg Wax
Leg Wax From hips to toe tips, enjoy silky stems for weeks at a time with a full leg wax. After this service, you may never pick up a razor again.
Leg Wax (Half)
Leg Wax (Half) No fuzz on half your gams? No worries. We'll make you silky smooth from just above the knee down to the tips of your toes. Or start just below the knee up to your hips!
Feet Wax
Feet Wax De-fuzz the tops of your feet, including your toes. Bonus: this service is already included in a full-leg wax or bottom-half leg wax.


Let’s face it, shaving is a hassle. Razor burn and rough stubble are uncomfortable to deal with on a daily basis. Our waxologists at LunchboxWax are experts in removing unwanted hair and giving you the clean-cut look you desire. Whatever type of wax you are looking for, we have it.

Intimidated by the process? No need to worry. Manscaping at LunchboxWax is quick, effective and provides real, long-lasting results you will love. The secret to our success and to your comfort is our soft wax! Made with Azulene, a powerful healing and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent from the stem of German Chamomile flowers, our wax takes the pain out of waxing.

Grooming just got a whole lot easier. Our waxologists have been trained to remove your hair in a professional and comfortable way. You’ll never go back to DIY manscaping again.


This body wax for men covers (or uncovers, you might say) the front, between the cheeks, and everywhere in between. Our all-natural, soft wax, and perfected technique gives you the smooth you’ve been searching for in a quick and comfortable way.

Calling all men: this is your chance to be free from nicks, cuts, and irritated skin!

Benefits of a Manzilian:

  • Eliminates ingrown hairs
  • Prevents razor burn
  • Improves hygiene
  • Less irritation
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Healthier skin

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Men, waxing isn’t just for the ladies! We know that keeping up with grooming can be tiring. That’s why our men’s wax services at LunchboxWax are designed to simplify and transform your self-care routine. Try our wide variety of waxes to make your life easier and your skin smoother than you’ve ever experienced.

Benefits of Manscaping:

  • Thinner hair regrowth
  • Less maintenance
  • Safer form of hair removal
  • Quick and effective
  • Improved hygiene

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Pre and Post Men’s Wax Care

We have good news, there’s not a long to-do list when it comes to pre-wax/post-wax care for your men’s waxing service! Our waxologists are trained to lead you through the process and give you the best tips and tricks for the most successful waxing experience. We’ve put together a list of pointers to make your first Manzilian or Manscaping wax a breeze:

  • Don’t worry about trimming your downstairs department pre-wax. The worst-case scenario is you’ll trim it too short, and our waxologists won’t be able to complete the wax
  • If you’re a shaver, you’ll want to make sure you leave your hair to grow out for at least three weeks (depending on your hair growth rate)
  • Skip the ibuprofens and aspirins before your appointment! Our soft wax and perfected waxing technique will ensure that you won’t need any sort of pain management beforehand
  • Skip on any kind of lotion, as you’ll get better results when your skin is less oily
  • If possible, wear loose clothing and schedule it on an off day to prevent irritation in the post-wax phase
  • Stay consistent! After your first wax, every following wax gets easier and easier as long as you don’t shave
  • Use our line of one-of-a-kind salt scrubs, moisturizers, ingrown hair tonics to keep your skin healthy and happy in-between waxes
  • Lastly, just relax! We know waxing can be daunting but you are in good hands at LunchboxWax.


New to the world of waxing? We got you. Our perfected waxing technique and soft wax ensure an easy and comfortable experience you’ll be obsessed with. Toss that shaving cream in the trash and say hello to your new and improved way of manscaping. Schedule your Men’s Waxing service today!