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Meet Our Nampa Team

Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Ramona Fleischer
    Ramona Fleischer Franchise Owner & Salon Director
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    Ramona Fleischer Franchise Owner & Salon Director

    Ramona has worn many different hats at LunchboxWax since its inception (including banking and law), but is excited to wear her “Salon Owner” hat from now on! This Eastern European mother of two has lived in Idaho since 2012, and fell in love with the vibe, the unique culture and the customer service experience of LunchboxWax early on. When she’s not ensuring that each guest leaves feeling smooth and beautiful, Ramona enjoys spending time with her kids, traveling and practicing yoga.

  • Tina Maxwell
    Tina Maxwell Franchise Owner
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    Tina Maxwell Franchise Owner

    Born and raised in Boise, Tina is the definition of "Boise nice". Her passion for creating an environment in which people feel comfortable and cared for is the reason why she and LunchboxWax are a match made in heaven. Tina started her career with LunchboxWax in 2011 as a waxologist, transitioning to Director of Quality and Training in 2013, then joining Ramona Fleischer as Co-Owner of LunchboxWax Nampa in September of 2018. When she’s not in the salon building relationships, she’s with her family, husband and 4 children making as many memories as possible.


  • Bailey Crofts Waxologist
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    Bailey Crofts Waxologist

    Idaho born-and-raised, this yoga-loving foodie has big goals and an even bigger heart for her guests. As a nursing student, Bailey plans to use her degree to do humanitarian work in third world countries with an emphasis in esthetics. We’re so thankful to have her here at the salon, but be careful — Bailey’s wanderlust and zeal for life is contagious!

  • Burkleigh Ford Waxologist
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    Burkleigh Ford Waxologist

    Have post-wax skincare questions? Burkleigh is your girl. Born and raised in Nampa, Burkleigh has a passion for skin care that makes her a wonderful waxologist. She is currently in school to be a medical assistant so that she can reach her ultimate goal of working in a dermatologist office in the future. Burkleigh loves meeting new guests here at LunchboxWax! When she’s away from the salon you’ll usually find her outside playing sports with her daughter and close friends.

  • Katala Rhodes Waxologist
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    Katala Rhodes Waxologist

    Katala graduated from Oliver Finley and brought her passion for making people feel beautiful in their own skin to LunchboxWax. A true Boise native, Katala loves the outdoors and is always open to recommendations for new nature adventures. Her great sense of humor and big heart set her guests at ease, so if you have nerves Katala is the perfect fit.

  • Shahayla Eberhard Waxologist
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    Shahayla Eberhard Waxologist

    Shahayla began her career as a waxologist at the LunchboxWax Boise salon in May of 2014, and never looked back. A native Idahoan, she is a talented waxologist, and even more talented mother to a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Beatriz. Outside of the salon, you can find Shahayla practicing yoga, hosting craft nights with friends and exploring the mountains.

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