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Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Megan & Nate
    Megan & Nate Franchise Owner & Salon Director
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    Megan & Nate Franchise Owner & Salon Director

    Meet the Shaws! Megan and Nate are passionate local business owners with a love for the outdoors and for helping the people of Twin Falls feel strong and beautiful. Nate handles many of the business aspects of LunchboxWax, while Megan doubles as an owner and Salon Director! Megan loves waxing and always wants her guests to leave the salon feeling more confident than when they walked in. When she isn’t at the salon, Megan loves to practice yoga, go camping, and plan hikes to watch the breathtaking Idaho sunrises. The Shaws are also parents to four beautiful souls which is, according to Megan, "my favorite thing on the planet." She looks forward to meeting you soon!

  • Katie Parkinson
    Katie Parkinson Salon Director
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    Katie Parkinson Salon Director

    Katie Parkinson has been with LunchboxWax since 2016. Her journey began as a waxolgist in the heart of downtown Boise, ID. She then moved to manage our new Idaho Falls location. She is now the Salon Director of all three of our Salons and is passionate about growth, development and learning, and even more passionate about spreading that to her teams.


  • Brianna Waxologist
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    Brianna Waxologist

    Born and raised in southern Utah, new to the industry but rising fast. Her goal everyday is to have her clients as comfortable as possible and excited with their results. In her free time Brianna is either Baking or on adventures with her dog!

  • Kelsiee Peck Waxologist
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    Kelsiee Peck Waxologist

    Kelsiee has the natural energy that makes anyone comfortable. She loves being a waxologist, but more so loves building a connection with her clients. Her goal is to make all of her clients feel beautiful after every service.

  • Latoya Waxologist
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    Latoya Waxologist

    Latoya is down to earth and loves making people feel beautiful and confident in every way. She strives to make sure each of her guest have the best service leaving with a smile and silky smooth skin. This mom of 5 enjoys working out, all things beauty, listening to music, cooking, nature and spending time with her family.

  • Makael Waxologist
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    Makael Waxologist

    Are you new to Brazilians? If so, Makael is your girl. When she isn’t in the salon with her guests she is outside with her family & dogs hiking. She has a passion for making her guests feel comfortable & fabulous for 5 years in the industry

  • Mare Waxologist
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    Mare Waxologist

    Mare is a proud and grateful wife and momma of 2 kiddos! She has a passion and love for all things decor, beauty, and fashion. She really enjoys getting to know her guests. It is her hope that they all come away having had a positive experience and feel like the best version of themselves! In her free time, you'll find her either decorating her home, shopping, or (most importantly) spending time with her family!

  • Marra Waxologist
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    Marra Waxologist

    My name is Marra. I am a girl mom of three! I have a passion for fitness and adventure. I love meeting new people and making connections as well as making people feel comfortable.

  • Mercedes Waxologist
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    Mercedes Waxologist

    Mercedes has been with LunchboxWax since February of 2017 and is currently our Area Trainer. What she loves most about Lunchbox, aside from her unstoppable team, is her amazing clients. Lunchbox challenges her to step out of her comfort zone every day. Mercedes thrives in making the people around her confident in their own skin.

  • Molly Waxologist
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    Molly Waxologist

    This Southern California girl is a ray of sunshine on a snowy Utah day! Molly's goal is to make everyone happier, one pair of brows at a time! She'll leave you with silky smooth skin and a smile on your face.

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