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Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.


  • Rosie Keller
    Rosie Keller Franchise Owner & Salon Director
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    Rosie Keller Franchise Owner & Salon Director
  • Colleen Scionti
    Colleen Scionti Salon Manager
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    Colleen Scionti Salon Manager

    Colleen was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. She graduated cosmetology school in 2011 and quickly found her passion — bringing out the inner beauty out of her guests. With hard work and a love for making people feel beautiful, she’s been very successful in the beauty industry. Her free time is spent with her loving family and friends or with her two pups in the outdoors. She believes that with enough heart, you can achieve anything!


  • Jen McCartney Waxologist
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    Jen McCartney Waxologist

    Jen is originally from KY but has lived in AZ for 16 years and loves it! She has been a licensed esthetician for 10 years, with experience in waxing, facials, chemical peels, and makeup artistry. Jen loves the fast paced waxing environment of LunchboxWax and always wants to make her guests feel welcome and comfortable while getting waxed. When she is not at the salon she loves traveling and camping with her husband and friends. Jen also enjoys spending time with her granddaughter.

  • Kelseigh Simpson Waxologist
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    Kelseigh Simpson Waxologist

    Born and raised in New Mexico, Kelseigh moved to Arizona in 2013 and has loved it ever since. She found her calling to pursue esthetics after moving to Chandler and has been licensed since 2016. She absolutely loves to help other people feel beautiful inside and out! When she is not in the salon, Kelseigh enjoys traveling, music festivals and being with family.

  • Mason Allred Waxologist
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    Mason Allred Waxologist
  • Raeanne Casson-Anders Waxologist
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    Raeanne Casson-Anders Waxologist

    Raeanne is an avid festival goer who loves living life filled with color and lots of glitter! She loves adventuring in the great outdoors with best friends, and relaxing at home with her 6 cats. Her family and boyfriend have been her support system in all her endeavors, especially as she pursued her license! Licensed since January 2017, it means a lot to Raeanne to be able to change someone’s perspective -whether about waxing as a whole, or on a smaller scale in their day. She says, "It feels good knowing your guest left feeling bright and shiny and happy all because you took the time out of your day to make someone else feel beautiful." She can’t wait to meet you!

  • Rebecca Segal Waxologist
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    Rebecca Segal Waxologist

    After being a stay at home mom for 15 years Rebecca decided that it was time to get back into the working world. Customer service was all she knew, but after going to esthetician school she found her passion for nurturing people and put it to great use here at Lunchbox. This job has been a perfect fit for Rebecca based on the company’s philosophies and goals. Outside the salon, Rebecca has three children that she loves dearly and mean the world to her. Some of her favorite things include watching them grow and thrive!

  • Tiffany White Waxologist
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    Tiffany White Waxologist

    Tiffany has been licensed for 15 years and her love for the industry has never wavered. Tiffany brings her unique energy and professionalism to LunchboxWax, and her passion for making people feel beautiful, confident and comfortable is what keeps her guests coming back every month!

  • Yalitza Rason Waxologist
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    Yalitza Rason Waxologist

    After changing her focus from journalism at ASU to cosmetology, Yalitza found herself in the registration office of a Cosmetology school in Mesa! She realized that making people feel better about themselves was what she wanted to pursue as a career. "I’m going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life" are the words that got her through making the switch from a large university to Licensed Cosmetologist. With her dreams at her feet, Yalitza is finally doing what she loves. By surrounding herself with family and loved ones, she knows anything is possible. She spends her time reading great books and going on amazing adventures that this world has to offer. Excited for what this chapter of her life holds, Yalitza is diving head first!

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