Raising eyebrows since day one.

Friends With Benefits

At LunchboxWax South Chandler, we understand the relationship you have with your waxologists is sacred. They’ve probably seen sides of you that your best friend might not have. Why make friendships more complicated than they need to be? We reward your lasting relationship with LunchBoxWax by giving you access to discounted monthly services. Whether you need your legs, brows, or other parts waxed, we’ve got you covered.

When you join our Friends With Benefits program, you have access to unlimited monthly waxings, service discounts, one freeze per year, and service transfer flexibility.

Check out our plans and pricing:

  • FwB Unlimited Brows – $20/month
  • FwB Unlimited Bikini – $27/month
  • FwB Unlimited Brazilian – $49/month
  • FwB Unlimited Back – $49/month

Let’s start a beautiful friendship – call (480) 771-2042.